Andras Nagy-Sandor is a Hungarian artist and curator based in London, UK. Much of what Andras does is thinking through making. His basic choices about what materials he will use and what they might signify are driven by a conceptual starting point. Yet beyond that he works quite intuitively, trusting his body and mind to search out and articulate the work almost as if in some objective sense the artwork is already there, hidden from view, waiting to be found.

His curatorial practice guides him into an expanded field, a site where meaning can materialise, where antagonistic emotions and ideas are permitted to coexist. Drawing upon filmic narrative strategies and working methodologies, Andras aims to manifest journeys through built-up, layered and ambivalent stories that breathe, suffocate and fluctuate between hidden threads and pivotal moments of clarity.

This process feeds on the friction caused by participation in civilised society, miscommunication, and the potential disorder inherent within interactions. The results are seemingly disjointed compositions that tear at the seams, simultaneously suppressing and revealing.

b. 1993, Budapest, Hungary; currently based in London, UK



2019-ongoing, MFA Fine Art Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UK

2015-2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University, UK

Upcoming shows/projects


Multiverse (postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak)

- a collaborative project between painting students at the Slade School of Fine art and the Royal College of Art




Aug. 2020, Material Figures, group show with Grace Mattingly and Lindsey Jean McLean, Vo Curations, London

Jan. 2020, Slade Runner, ASC Gallery, London (group)

Feb. 2019, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, White Conduit Projects, London (group)

Jan. 2019, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, Abject Gallery, Newcastle (group)

Nov. 2018, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, GENERATORporjects, Dundee (group)

Nov. 2018, Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection, The Cello Factory, London (group)

Sep. 2018, Art & Liberation, The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle (group)

Aug. 2018, Newcastle University Printmakers, R.K. Burts Gallery, London (group)

Jun., Jul. 2018 Newcastle University Degree Show, Newcastle University and Unit 8 at Copeland Park, London

Mar. 2018, Newcastle University Printmakers, Long Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2018, Your Space, Jane Doe Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2018, Studies, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle (solo)

Sept. 2017, Charity Fundraiser Auction and Exhibition, The Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle (group)

June 2017, Page 1, Marjorie Robinson Library, Newcastle (group)

Apr. 2017, Something Black, An Art Exhibition , Cultivate Gallery and Organ Thing, Online (, (group)

Apr. 2017, Group show, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2017, Fancy a Cuppa?, Vane Gallery, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2016, The Parade, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

May 2016 (The Late Shows), Narrative, Newbridge Studios, Newbridge Project, Newcastle (group)

May 2016, Testing Grounds, Hoults Yard, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2015, Chaka: the Social exhibition, !VAMOS! Social, Newcastle (group)

Nov. 2015, Crossyear Exhibition, Long gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2014, Dover Language Centre, Budapest (solo)

Awards and residencies

2020 Colart Residency (postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak)

2018 Shortlisted for the Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection

2018 Hatton Prize

2018 Shortlisted for Royal Scottish Academy of the Arts Open Exhibition 2018



            Featured in:

2019 hu – Hungarian Touring Exhibition on corridor8

2019 hu (Hungarian Travelling Exhibition) podcast on HeyArtWhatsGood

2018 Északi Fény. Fiatal Magyarok Kiállítása Dundee-ban (Northern Light, Young Hungarian Artists’ Exhibition in Dundee) on

2015 Alliterati Magazine 18th issue


             Written by:

2019 Cinematic Inclusions on Corridor8

2018 Töredékek (Fragments) on Artmagazin online

2018 Fiatal Cinikusok (Young Cinics) on Artmagazin online


2020 Co-Organizer of project hu X HOXTON 253 Residency

¬ A mentored, one month residency programme in collaboration with HOXTON 253 Gallery and the Hungarian Cultural Centre London. The residency included a space, artist talk and an exhibition alongside professional development opportunities and studio visits. project hu is an ongoing initiative that fosters cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration.

2020 Co-curator of Slade Runner

¬ Co-curated a show of MFA painting students from the Slade at ASC Gallery, London

2018-2019 Organizer of hu/Hungarian Touring Exhibition

¬ Planned and sourced funding for a touring exhibition, showcasing my works alongside other Hungarian artists practicing in the UK. I initiated the project and organized all aspects, however I had support from co-organizers and the funders.

2016-2017 Placement with Newcastle Arts Team

¬ Assisted and collaborated with the artists in residence: Aaron Guy, Robert Parkinson in Scotswood; from the research phase to the practical execution of their project while making my own artist film. 


2016-2017 Curator and organizer of Page 1 exhibition at the Marjorie Robinson Library

¬ Selected final list of artists, negotiated terms, installed exhibition.


2014-2015 Intern at Várfok Gallery, Budapest

¬ Installed and dismantled exhibitions, did administrative work, translated documents, handled artworks, invigilated openings, etc. I also liaised with partners, clients and took part in an Art Market Budapest.

2013-2014 Intern at ArtPlacc, Tihany

¬ Supported events and participants throughout the art festival.